linky bannerQuesting 4 Super is a collective of would-be super heroes and super villains (or just super people in general) in the making. We decided our lives needed to be more epic and have banded together in support of each others goals.

You’re welcome to join the journey at any time. Just send me an email or comment below with a link to your blog. We ask that you use the Q4S banner (above) or avatar (below) in your posts related to the quest and tag your post “q4s”. Click the avatar below for the rules:

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Vanity Mirror – An adventurer by nature, I succumb to sweet wanderlust by engaging in far too many activities and taking on an endless list of hobbies and interests.

Partners in Kind – Partners in Kind is a blog about one mom who strives to live life being kind to herself and others. Common topics include family life, parenting, toddlers, PCOS, food addiction, weight loss, and whatever crosses her fancy!

A Small Loss – A Small Loss started as a young woman chronicling her journey to get active and reach a healthy weight. Since then, she’s lost weight and gained it, lived on both coasts and in the Midwest, and became a wife and a mother. Her blog deals with everything from weight loss and eating disorder recovery to finding balance in all areas of life.

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