The Cycle Begins Anew

A week ago I transferred some files off disparate thumb drives and SD cards. During the process, I came across a few photos I took before I started the 4-Hour Body experiment last year.

I’m too embarrassed to post those photos, mostly because it’s at my heaviest and I’m only in my skimpiest bra and panties. It shouldn’t, but it grosses me out to look at them.

In the last three months, I’ve lost some of the lean mass I worked so hard to create last year. My physique is resuming the swollen softness I see in the pictures, although I’m still quite some ways away. I’ve been suffering from FMS flareups, frequent inflammation, and gastro-intestinal issues. I lack energy and my sleep has been less than stellar in the falling asleep, staying asleep, and quality of sleep departments (I think that’s pretty much all of them, right?).

I’ve been sporadic about my eating habits, exercise habits, and tracking habits.  I make excuses about when to start and why it’s okay to cheat here and there. I knew all the rules, I figured I could just pick it up again. Well, not so much.

Over the weekend, I decided to reread 4-Hour Body again, at least the pertinent pieces with regard to weight loss. It’s actually helping keep me motivated to stay on track. It’s reminding me to simplify, I’ve been trying to do far too much. So, again, I’m going to focus on just my diet. I’ll work out in 80-second bursts if I feel compelled to do so, but no more.

Looking over my past diaries, tracking reports, and such, it’s typical I get the bug for fitness in May or June. Something about the weather being hot makes me want to work out and feel better. I think living in a dry, arid climate where summers are plagued with triple-digits more days than not, working up a sweat makes the air around me seem somehow cooler. I don’t have any problems killing two bird with one stone.

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