[q4s] week…um…o-hai!

Since early November, being consistent on anything fitness or health related has been difficult. Difficult is the wrong word. Difficult implies some kind of effort is made. I’ve made little to no effort. Half-hearted. A thought in passing.

Today is New Year’s Eve, and I have given no thoughts as to what I want to accomplish in 2014. I’m not big on resolutions; they’re pretty much worthlessness doomed to failure. Roadmaps are nice though. I like to have a few plot points sketched out, then breakdown how I’m going to access said plot points. For example, I’d like to be able to run the entire Run-Or-Dye 5k I have coming up in mid-February. How am I going to achieve that? Following the Zombie 5k program three days a week (I’m halfway through it now). If I feel I can improve on a “completed” workout, I repeat it on my next workout day. If only I could actually get back to working out….

Truthfully, I have the time. I have the motivation, drive, will, whatever. It’s dark by the time I get home from work. And cold. Bundling up isn’t too big of a deal, but things get tangled and I hate wrestling with my layers while I’m running (pulling this shirt down, pulling these pants up, straightening my headphones, and so on). The dark is a problem though as I live in an area with poor nighttime lighting and rough roads (it’s sort of rural, so sidewalks are few and far between). On weekends, I’m much more likely to run in the early morning sun. Unfortunately, it’s going to be several weeks before I have the benefit of natural light either before or after work. Until then, I’ll have to keep pushing myself to just do.

Weight training. Bah. At least I get it in once or twice a week. The last few weeks I’ve been cleaning, packing, moving, selling stuff so I’m not at a loss for the activity and movement.

Food choices. Laughable. How I’m able to get away eating so much garbage and maintain a relatively consistent weight is unknown to me. Maybe I’m getting more activity than I give myself credit for. Maybe it’s because I stop eating when I’m sated  at any meal (a seasonal first). I don’t know. I barely review my fitness apps much less even sync my Jawbone UP (of which I am on my third, by the way. Yes, I killed my second one).

I blame winter. I’d rather be nesting and working on creative projects than chiseling my physique. While I’m frustrated progress is non-existent, I’m not upset or beating myself up too much. Looking back, I’m always successful in the warmer spring and summer (especially summer) months, reaping the rewards and seeing the major successes in the fall, with a plateau and minor gains in the winter. It’s a cycle steeped in the natural flow of the season. It will pass. It will come again. And all things said, I think I’ve navigated a lot better than I have in the past.

My dear, I think they call that progress.

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