[q4s] week 6: ragged

Last week I saw my weight on the scale plummet mid-week. I’m tracking it everyday on a clipboard on the wall above my scale. It’s interesting to see how things fluctuate. High on the weekends, low on hump day.

It was also a whirlwind of activity primarily centered around dance classes and preparation for a burlesque show (even though I did not personally perform this time). No running happened, but given all the other cardio I did during the week, I’m not too concerned. Maintained my weight-training program over three days.

My second Jawbone UP died. Jawbone is sending me a third. Normally, I’d be irritated, but the customer service is solid and I’m getting a brand new one, no-questions-asked. So…whatev. Mildly inconvenient.

Then there’s sleep. It’s like a four-letter word right now.

I’ve been a zombie. The downside of salsa classes twice weekly is that it takes me two to three hours to properly wind-down which means I don’t get to sleep until 11pm or midnight (usually even later). On non-class nights, I’ve spurning any other kind of bedtime regimen (like drinking herbal tea or reading). Instead I’m staying up as late as humanly possible working on my dev skills, particularly web design projects I’ve taken on, then falling over. Getting up in the morning is increasingly difficult (even with adjusting the heater to sweat me out of bed). Keeping my eyes open during the day is so problematic I’m leaning heavily on mid-day espresso runs to Starbucks. Partly, this is due to taking 1/2 mg of trazadone (part of my FMS therapy to ensure I get an adequate amount of sleep) much later than I’m used to just so I can get as many wake time hours as possible. Trazadone has this terrible side effect of feeling “hung-over” in the morning. That’s a terrible description. It just means it takes me a bit longer to get up and get going in the morning. If you have to deal with me within three hours of waking, I’m mildly grumpy (or at least gruff), not-overly talkative, and find focusing and comprehension difficult. People, this is why I wake up at 4am, to shield you from this shit.

Insufficient sleep means I’ve been caving to cravings, or at least feeling like I might be more hungry than I am. The hyper-focus on projects also means I’m still struggling with keeping properly hydrated, which also translates into higher incidences of cravings. It’s just been hard to keep my eating as clean as I would like. I tried to reboot yesterday, and I did well until about 6pm. Then I told myself today was a new day, but I already tanked it (I intend to make better choices through the rest of the day).

Sleep is probably the most *critical* thing for me to conquer. Of all the pieces in my plan of action, if my sleep is out of whack, everything fails. Since I have such a busy week and lots of cardio already in the mix, I’m considering putting off my runs this week until Saturday and Sunday so I can plan for naps after work and still get what I need to done in the evening. But I love my runs, so we’ll see what I actually end up doing. Dance nights, I plan on indulging in a high-fat/high-protein meal after class to help my body slow down and recover; then a shower, hot tea, and reading in bed. No television. No hot tub (it overheats me and makes sleep impossible in its own way). No computer. I feel like I’m grounding myself! *LOL*

I’m going to set a reminder on my phone to take my trazadone at 8pm. If I still suffer from the trazadone-zombie effect, I’ll cut it out completely for a week and plan for insomnia.

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