[q4s] week 5: tweaks

So far, I’m feeling pretty good about my reboot. Exercise-wise at least. Last week, I got in three days of strength training (four sets of handstands alternating with three sets of 10 kettlebell swings). It’s not an overly ambitious program, but getting back into the swing of things is most important right now. My goal is to up the intensity and push myself more on strength training come January.

Running is going well, although that program is a bit upset with the insertion of salsa classes. I only got two days of running in last week, but they were exceptionally, exceptionally solid runs. Each one I pushed myself harder than before and yet my recovery time was lightning fast. No aches. No pains. No weird tightness in the tendons in the backs of my knees like I was experiencing more than a month ago.

Now, I still try to psych myself out, talk myself out of running, but the process of running is so automatic now, my body pushes past my negative self-talk. I hate that I still do that, the negative self-talk, trying to get out of what I know is really good for me and my spirit. And yet I giggle to myself when I hear the chatter, because I know despite all the internal moaning and groaning that I’ll end up out on the pavement loving every second.

Unfortunately, my eating habits haven’t been so great. They haven’t been terrible, either, but they haven’t been on my 4-hour-body/slow-carb program. I’ve also slipped on tracking pretty much everything. I don’t check my data as often as I used to. My weight has been on a continual plateau for months, excepting a recent down turn last month (which I’m back up on slightly). I’m trying to get back to basics on that, and right now cheese/dairy seems to be a difficult thing to pass on.

Speaking of dairy, in the last week of September, I introduced Myoplex ready-made protein shakes to my morning breakfast routine. I assumed my plateau at that time was due to the fact that I was not getting sufficient protein early enough in the day (30 grams, 30 to 60 minutes of waking). Well, Myoplex has dairy and a significant amount of carbs, but I didn’t trust myself to make it with ice water in the morning starting out. The other problem is that I habitually wake up between 3:30 am (my body is an asshole) and 4:30am, but I will snuggle up in bed until 6am sometimes (later even on weekends).

So this week, I am skipping on the Myoplex in the morning. I’ll take it after dance class or a run if I do not intend to eat a meal afterwards (which usually contains sufficient protein already). I’m skipping out on breakfast altogether because, honestly, I just haven’t had any hunger in the morning. I’m giving myself the week to reboot and then figure out next week.

I also changed my alarms to wake me up at 5am instead of 4am. I wasn’t getting up before 5am and obviously I needed the time. I programmed my thermostat last night to start ramping up the heat at 4am so by the time 5am hits, I’m really warm and ready to leap out of bed (let me tell you, it worked, I felt awesome this morning).

The journey is a process. It’s obvious I’m getting stronger and I’m thrilled about that. Still no flareups, I have no idea how many weeks it’s been and I kind of wish now that I had the good sense to have marked the date. No dramatic losses in dress sizes, although I think my shape is firming up a bit overall.

I’m hoping to have some more recipes to showcase over the next few weeks. I’ve been experimenting on my friends…. 🙂

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