[q4s] week 4: back to basics

I’ve been…distracted. There’s pending upheaval on the horizon, and I’ve been scrambling.

I spent most of last week glued to the couch. Yes, I had Netflix on perma-stream. Yes, I did get dressed in real clothes every day of my four-day weekend. Yes, I even went for a pretty decent run on Saturday morning and even left the house for a healthy lunch with the ‘rents. I even got all my chores done like the good little productive house mouse I am.

What kept me on the couch? Code. I spent the entire weekend just coding. I’ll get into the reasons why later this week.

But sitting on the couch, no matter how productive I was being, meant I didn’t make my step quotas (10,000 per day). In fact, the only two days I met my quota were the two days I went for a run (Monday and Saturday).

Oh, and my pledge to finally reincorporate strength training into my week? Didn’t happen.  I wanted to start training for Tough Mudder, which is a lot more complex than my kettlebell swings with abs interspersed in between sets.

In a textbook example of irony, my bestie says to me today that she’s too scared to do strength training (insert reason here). What do I tell her? Do five reps of the kettlebell squat exercise, except use her toddler as the kettlebell. Mom gets a brief and non-threatening exposure to strength training, baby gets a game. Win-freaking-win. I’m smart.

Except when it comes to myself apparently. As I’m going on about the importance of keeping exercise regimens simple and ranting about how strength exercises that isolate specific muscles in the body are completely worthless to those of us not looking to be professional athletes…I eventually realize I should be giving this lecture to my own reflection. Gah!

Running is automatic for me now. I suit up and I go. I push through the hard bits and feel fantastic at the end. I’m going to get back to kettlebell swings. I’m not going to bother with the abs right now. I need to rebuilt the strength habit and then I can add layers later. Maybe after a month of consistent strength training I’ll deviate back to the Tough Mudder program.

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