[q4s] week 2 – unleash the crazy

I’ve mentioned on a few occasions that I’m crazy. Right? Right.

One of my favorite blogs is Nerd Fitness. As a geek, nerd, freak, whatever, it’s totally relevant to me. I love the idea of being a lifestyle rebel and “leveling up” my life through healthy, fun habits. Nerd Fitness gave me the motivation to do things I was either afraid to do (running) or was so overwhelmed with options that I didn’t know where to start (hello, weights!). Anyway, I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

A recent post was on handstands. I’ve always wanted to do a handstand, but believe I was too fat, my butt too big, my wrists/arms/shoulders too weak, too clumsy, whatever. I previously thought the only way I could go about achieving a handstand was through intense yoga practice. Every time I attempted to arrange an hour long sequence devoted to preparing the body gradually for handstand, I would suddenly begin avoiding yoga. Even five minutes of practice became a chore. I never formally gave up, but I never really tried to accomplish anything either.

Enter Chris Salvato. His story is so much like mine, except that he was a fat kid and I am just a fat adult, I aspire to acquire skills that resemble the resume of a circus performer. Well, I assume, I’ve never actually *seen* the resume of a circus performer, but I imagine I *could* be a sort of circus performer with the list of skills that excite me to learn.

Chris’ article points out the fact that handstand, like anything learned, is just a skill. It doesn’t require a remarkable amount of strength (as I had assumed), but it requires discipline and practice. Honestly, his article reads a bit like an infomercial (“achieve a full handstand in 60 days with just 5 minutes a day!”) but I realize he’s being encouraging by telling the reader what is feasible from his experience teaching others.

And really, why not? What does giving five minutes a day do for me? It gives me just enough space to work on a skill I’ve been dreaming about for years. Will I achieve results in a week? Obviously not. Will it take me longer than two months? Most likely. Is it such a major time commitment that it’s not worth even trying? Fuck no. And that’s the beauty of it right there. It isn’t a serious time commitment. It’s extremely reasonable. And sure I may not achieve the results I desire in the time frame I want, but my expectations about myself rarely meet with reality. The best part is I develop some much needed upper body strength and control. That’s never a bad thing.


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