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Four months ago I began a journey. I had certain…expectations…of myself. First of those being the ability to run a 5k after 12 weeks of training. During that training, I hit a slump. Running hurt (the good kind of hurt, but still hurt) and I didn’t feel motivated to push myself. I decided to switch up my preference for watching British drama while on the treadmill to watching an action movie. The movie of choice? The Avengers.

The consistent level of action and humor motivated me to push myself harder. Watching superhero battle superhero and sometimes super villain, it made me want to be stronger, faster. And then an idea was born.

I’m questing to become a super villain.

Because evil chicks are hot.

I started to consider all the things that I needed to be in order to accomplish my quest.

1. I need to be able to run.

If only because I don’t have the power of flight…yet. When shit goes down and the good guys bust up a good thing, I need to be able to scram. Running on a treadmill helped tone my body to start, but running on a treadmill doesn’t save me from anything but falling off the back of it and landing on my ass.

2. I need to be strong.

Along with the running, I need to be able to kick ass when confronted with danger. I need to be able to lift heavy things, including my own ass if climbing and jumping off of things is needed to get away.

3. I need a kick ass ride.

For when running isn’t strictly necessary, I need something awesome to bring me into the action. An entrance. It needs to be sleek, fast, and sexy. Thus my desire for a motorcycle was born. Two months ago I passed my permit exam for an M class license. Now I’m just waiting for the funds and time to take the CHP safety course (because safe is sexy) so I can get my license.

4. I need to be hotter.

Because no one looks good in skin-tight leather when one’s boobs are not discernible from one’s stomach. Just saying. I may have a great ass, but the hourglass is really where it’s at.

There are several other important considerations in becoming a super villain.

  • Colors;
  • Powers/abilities;
  • Really cool name;
  • Fatal weakness

These I’ll need to work out as I go along over the next four months.

How will I accomplish what I’ve laid out?

Running: I downloaded the Zombies 5K app for iPhone. I’ll be following along for the next 8 weeks while pounding the pavement. I plan on researching proper running technique and getting with buddies who have been running much longer than I have to help me with my form and performance. I’ll be doing Zombies 5K three days a week. I am also going back to the beginning of the C25K program I started back in July, upping my walking speed from 2.5 mph to 3.0 mph and upping my running speed from 4.0 mph to 5.0 mph. C25K will be done on the treadmill.

Strength: Kettlebell swings and ab workouts will accompany treadmill workouts three days a week. Starting with three sets of 10 reps using a 20lb kettlebell. Myotactic situps and reverse crunches in between sets. Working my way up to 10 sets of 10 reps using the 20lb kettlebell, 30 second side planks, and leg lifts (increasing reps on ab 5 reps or 5 seconds each week).

The Ride: Save up $250 and make time for the CHP safety course. Once the last credit card is paid off (a couple months), acquisition funds will begin at $200 per month (or more depending on funds).

Hotness: I need to clean up my diet. I got lazy in the last few weeks. I’ll drop fat and look better if I keep to the Slow-Carb Diet a la Tim Ferriss. Diet is 80% of weight loss (so they tell me), so by cleaning things up I should start to see my new muscles poking through. It took four months to lose 20 pounds, so I’ll expect to be another 20 pounds lighter at the end of this challenge.

Come Play With Us

What are you doing to be epic in your life? I’m teaming up with Cynthia at Partners in Kind in a quest to become super. We’d love to have you join us. Just leave a comment below with your blog address and we’ll add you to the base. We hope you’ll join us. Besides, think of how awesome your response to everything will be….

“Mica, why are you getting a motorcycle license?”

“I’m questing to be a super villain.”

“Mica, why are you running six days a week?”

“Because I’m becoming a super villain.”

“Mica, why is your diet so freaking crazy?”

“So I can fit into my super villain costume.”

Seriously. I’ve used these.

So, what are you waiting for? Oh, so you want rules?

1. Find your quest. Start with three things you want to work on to become “super”.

2. Decide on a plan of action to develop those quests.

3. Choose how you will measure your success.

4. Blog about your goals, your progress, and your not progress.

We’ll have a link party and mutual support. It’ll be epic fun!

Now, go get super!

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