[4hb] Week 16: The Close

Approximately four months ago I chose to take control of my life and focus on managing my pain constructively. I started with diet–a crazy diet–that is so restrictive it was actually easier for me to employ. After a month, I implemented an exercise regimen centered around preparing for a 5K race because I love running, I just hated that I couldn’t do it properly. I had a few ups and what seemed like a lot of downs. Progress was speedy at moments, but mostly slow. I seemed to have been on a plateau for three out of those four months in weight loss and fitness progress.

6938photo 4

My journey ended yesterday, all my efforts culminating in a 5k challenge that I ran alone with hundreds of strangers. I put on my epic music and I went for it. I started off strong, but quickly faded, tightness in the back of my knees bringing me to a walk. When I went into it, I was determined to run as much of it as I could, but in less than 10 minutes I had failed. It was my first time running on pavement, my first time running with people, and my first time running in the cold (my nose was running and totally screwed up my breathing). Did I mention the people? They were pretty much in my way, like, the whole time. So annoying. But there was a unicorn and that kind of made up for it.

photo 3


But I kept trying to run, at least through the color tunnels. As soon as I saw the colored dust in the distance, I started running, stopping to walk only once I was fully doused in colored powder. When I rounded the halfway mark, I felt pretty good physically and ran most of the way thereafter.

After the race, I was disappointed to find that RunKeeper app only averaged my speeds. I had no way of knowing when I was running or walking. Since I didn’t run as much as I expected to, I wasn’t inspired to look at my Jawbone UP stats until this morning.

Oct 13

The up-ticks are more strenuous than the down-ticks, indicating a run (it coincides with what I recall). The lowest point in the middle is when I stopped for a cup of water.  I ran for over 20 minutes of the race (around 26 minutes give or take) and I can see that my speed/exertion improved the further into the race I got, which I did not expect. Basically, I’m pretty damn impressed with myself!

photo 2

I ended up scoring a free pair of sunglasses during the Zumba warm-up before the race. Yes, that’s right, I did Zumba before running a 5K. For, like, an hour.

Did I forget mention that I had a burlesque performance the night before? And that I went to the gym before that? And then after the race I cleaned house, did laundry, moved furniture, and was otherwise a total crazy lady?

I expected to hurt today. To feel like I had been hit by a semi-truck. Or sick (seeing as before the weekend I worked two weeks straight). I expected a flare up. It’s predictable like that.

Nope. I feel fucking amazing. AMAZING.

There is a slight bit of tenderness in my legs, but it’s only noticeable because I’m looking for it. For all the ups and downs I have gone through over the last few months, how I feel today makes it all worth it. Sure, my weight is up from last week. Sure, I still can’t run a single mile solid without stopping. Sure, I’m not the dress size I expected to be after the first month of dramatic weight loss. But I’m stronger. I’m healthier. I’m not experiencing a flare-up. I. FEEL. GOOD.


So now that this four month period has come to a close, I have been setting up some new goals and ideas for the next four month period. But that’s for another post. And a new category.

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