[4hb] Week 13

Not much to say. I’m still holding strong on a plateau. Looking at the trends from my Jawbone UP band, I’m not seeing a lot of variation or inconsistencies that might be causing the plateau.

But it’s not my sleep. It’s not my lack of activity–even though I only got one weight training session in over the last two weeks AND I completely skipped my weekend run–it’s got to be my eating habits.

But then when I look at those, it’s all pretty darn normal. And I’ve been brutally honest on my food entries.

I don’t know what the deal is. Maybe my body is still trying to find equalibrium. Seriously, the last time I embarked on a major weight loss journey like this one (except I only added exercise, I didn’t change my eating) it took three months before anything happened. And then presto changeo! Results!


I’m just frustrated with the numbers. I do enjoy the journey still. I love running. I love weight training. I love cheering on my friends and doing more physically intense activities with them rather than centering all our social time around consumption of edible treats.

I’m just so…meh…right now.

photo (4)

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