[4hb] Week 12

Hitting the three month mark (roughly) has me thinking about challenges and milestones. Twelve weeks is a major milestone, but I’m having trouble coming up with ideas on what to celebrate. My progress has flat-lined, both in loss and activity growth. I did a little bit better on my eating, but it still needs work. I didn’t do any strength this week, but I kept on top of my running (up to 2.25 miles of solid running, no breaks) and went to a Zumba class with my girls. I also joined a gym! I guess that’s something.

Week 12 was a rough one for a couple reasons. First, I ran out of the sleep aid medication I was taking and stress inhibited my efforts to get restful sleep. I could fall asleep okay (which is normally a problem), but my sleep would be fitful and I would wake abruptly after two to four hours. I forgot how much not fun it is to not get adequate sleep.

I’m not seeing much in the way of progress from week to week. I look at the pictures, and they all look the same to me. Granted, for most of that time I was in the same range. But then I remembered a picture a friend took of me in my new bikini (which I have no right to wear) and thought, “This is going to be a great marker for me some day.”

Week 1

Week 12
Week 12

My workout gear isn’t quite as revealing as the bikini (OMG embarrassing, btw!), but I can definitely see the difference between the two! My arms have been the most noticeable for me. I love my arms. I could love them more, but I mean I’m really happy with how they’ve been looking. My weakest area is the upper abdomen, that part between the sternum and the bottom of the rib cage; I’m not targeting that very well in the ab workouts. It comes from being so hip-centric as a belly dancer (I guess I just need to do more chest lifts).

This coming week I’m going to continue focusing on my eating and making progress in my running. But–dammit!–I want to be able to say I accomplished something by Week 16. And then I realized, I’ve been training since Week 4 specifically for Week 16. On the very last day of Week 16 I will have completed my very first 5K.

That’s right. 5K. Week 16. 

Wow, I am really, really excited!


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