[4hb] Week 11

I kind of posted late last week, so it’s hard to realize another week has come and gone. I spent the next few days bitching to my two besties and tossing some ideas around.

I’ve plateaued for several weeks now. Since July 19 to be exact. For a month, it was to be expected as I was incorporating exercise into my routine and I know I have a tendency to bulk up. That may still be the case, but add into the mix the fact that I’ve been slipping up on the rules almost every day (not to excess, but slipping nonetheless) who knows what is causing the issue.

Include the pain factor (which I am still reeling from after last week), and this means slow progress on increasing difficulty on my exercise regimen.

The Overall Plan:

  • Eat approximately every four hours (5am, 9am, 12/1pm, 6pm);
  • Include legumes, vegetables, and protein in every meal (except mid-morning snack);
  • Run minimum one mile (or 30 minutes) Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday;
  • Start every morning with one mile walk (before coffee/breakfast) and two complete sets of Sun Salutations (not decided on the order yet);
  • Strength training (30 minutes) Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday;

I learned last night that I can actually get some writing in while walking at 2.5 mph on the treadmill. My writing pace is a little slower, but not really by much and mostly because I kept playing with my phone. -_-

Multitasking Level: Badass

The exception on the mid-morning snack is apples with almond butter. Fruit is completely not permissible on this diet, but I am adding my beloved apples and almond butter back in. Why? Mostly personal reasons I may cover later, but it’s also a very easy snack that is cheap, accessible, and easy to throw together while I’m waiting for my coffee to brew.

Strength Training:

  • 30 jumping jacks, for heart rate
  • Hip flexor stretch (low lunge) 30 seconds each side
  • 5 reps of 10 kettle bell swings at 20 pounds
  • 10 myotatic crunches
  • 10 cat pose contractions
  • 30 second low plank
  • 30 second low side plank, each side

My program is all about the fewest number of exercises for the biggest impact. The ab challenge wasn’t giving me the results I wanted, so I’m taking another note from 4-Hour Body and incorporating the exercises Ferriss recommends.

Finally, I’m joining a gym on Saturday. I’ve been going with my girlfriend as a guest to her gym. It’s new, smaller, and kind of neat. I’ve been enjoying the use I’ve been getting out of it thus far that I might as well join now. And now that one of their facilities has opened up sort of near me, it’s a lot more accessible.

Hopefully, this is all very doable. I’m looking forward to changing it up and recommitting to the cause.

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