[4hb] Week 7

This was not a good week, diet-wise. I had some non-approved item every single day, although for the most part I stayed within my calorie and nutrient ranges. Except for carbohydrates. I had a lot of those.

I was just so hungry all the time. I had the worst cravings, too. The cravings in Week 1 were non-existent in comparison. It just wasn’t a good week. With the additional activity, I may just need to add more calorie dense foods into my diet, maybe eat more frequently. Whatever the case, I’m recommitting to the program in Week 8.

Exercise-wise, I really rocked that shit this week. I decided instead of repeating Week 3 of the Couch to 5K program, I would at least try the Week 4. The first day, I did really well. I ended up having to walk for two extra minutes to break up the last two runs because my foot kept falling asleep. I treated myself to TWO rest days afterwards to let my muscles recover, but I ended up walking a total of three miles each day to work out the lactic acid. Saturday I did day two and didn’t have any problems completing the program as designed, nor did either of my feet fall asleep. AND my muscles recovered much, much more quickly. I can’t believe how quickly I’m advancing. Today is the last day of Week 4 and then I will be halfway through the program! Week 5 looks really intense, but I know I’ll rock it!

Weight-wise, I’m retaining water so I’m back up a couple pounds. However, I lost 5 inches all over and I have to get rid of some clothes that look ridiculous on my smaller shape. I’m going to have to hit the thrift stores soon to pick up a couple articles to tide me over for a little while.

No pics this week.

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