[4hb] Week 6!

Holy crap I’ve been doing this gig for 6 weeks? I’m a superstar! Seriously, I don’t think I’ve stuck with any program this long before!

This week I was so-so-so hungry. Adding the weights and increasing difficulty in the running program is contributing to my body’s desire for additional calories. Unlike Week 5, I didn’t have any issues with meeting the minimum caloric goals. However, even with the increased caloric intake (or because of, I don’t know), my weight dropped back down to 186 prior to my “binge” day. As of this writing, I’m up another 5 pounds, but more on that in a bit.

With each week, I am finding it more difficult to sit still for extended periods of time. If I don’t get up and move, I become distracted, irritable, and worthless. Now, I’m a computer programmer by day, so this has required frequent get-up-walk-and-stretch breaks in order to keep my sanity. Watching television is even more difficult to do for extended lengths of time, even though I only did this on Sundays previously. Now, 45 minutes and I need to clean something. Or run.

Weekends I usually get in about a quarter of the 10,000 steps I’m supposed to be getting every day. Saturday I scored over 8,000 and Sunday 11,000. Quite the jump. You can see from the chart below that I’ve increased my daily activity time from 1.3 hours per day to 1.7 hours per day. I’m not sure where I’m finding the time for two hours of activity a day, but I’m getting it!

photoThe weather was so much more tolerable this week, my bestie and I got two to three walks in per day (during the triple digits highs, we are lucky to get one in early in the morning). Friday was Week 3 Day 2 of my C25K program. Unfortunately, a terrible side pain forced me to cut the running at 8 minutes instead of the allotted 9. Not the end of the world, but I was disappointed. In my eagerness, I decided to redo it on Sunday. I owned it that time! I’m thinking I may need to do Week 3 another three days, but I’m so so so tempted to try Week 4 Day 1 tonight. I’ll keep you posted, dear reader.

Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to play with spinning glow poi with a friend. Looking at my UP activity logs, we were at it for nearly an hour and a half. Having learned some new tricks, I turned on some dub-step on Sunday and spun in my room for 30 minutes. The time flew by! It’s so trance evoking and fun (and it burns an average of 345 calories an hour!) I’m going to add it to my daily repertoire. And of course, I’ll have to work on some choreography now.

But despite all this increase in activity I only hit my previous low for a New York minute and I still have not had a measurable drop in inches (my hips dropped an inch, but everything else went up about a half inch). Having said that, my friends have been very vocal (and thank you guys, I love you for it!) about how much I’m slimming up, how amazing I look, how baggy my “skinny” jeans are, most of which without prompting from me, I swear! Although, yes, I goad them from time to time to tell me how awesome I look! I can certainly see it in my face and in the mirror. I can feel it when I put on clothes or when I put my hands on my legs. But when I try to capture it in a photo, I don’t see it as well. Perspective, I suppose.

I’m sticking with it, but damn! I’d love to see the results in the numbers.

Then there’s the matter of my “off” day. This week it was supposed to be Saturday, and it was, but I kind of continued it into Sunday’s dinner. I get really sick and icky feeling on my off days. So much so that I’d really rather not have an off day at all (I usually have my standard egg white and black bean breakfast to start the day). I’m considering stretching it out to two meals across two days, likely dinner, so that I’m not getting so ill I can’t enjoy myself with my friends and family. I’m going to try this and weigh and measure through Week 7 and Week 8 so I can see if that’s a viable option.

Here’s what I look like after 6 weeks of kicking ass and taking names! I know it’s not much different from Week 5, but whatevs. Bonus points for kittehs!




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