[4hb] Week 5: Plateau + Stats

It’s official: I’ve plateaued. Boo. 😦

But it’s not unexpected. I just finished Week 2 of Couch to 5K and if history serves me at all, it’s to remind me that whenever I start working out I put on muscle weight much more quickly than I burn fat and lose inches.

What does this mean? I’m up 2.6 pounds this week and up an inch all over.

As a numbers-obsessed person (for example, I seem to have a strange attraction to accountants, weird I know) it’s really, really hard not to get discouraged. Like why am I trying when all my hard work to slim down is having the exact opposite effect?

The fact is, it’s not having a detrimental effect. I’m getting stronger. I’m feeling better about myself. I think I’m looking better overall. I know from times past that it may take several weeks, even two months, before the pendulum starts to swing back again. At that point, the fat will nearly melt off and I’ll experience another prolonged losing streak. I. Just. Need. To. Stick. To. It.

There are some very cool things I learned this week:

weight photo

1. Looking at my Jawbone UP stats versus MyFitnessPal stats it seems that on weeks that I do not get roughly seven hours of sleep a night, my weight bounces up. Week 5 was no exception. I averaged about five hours of sleep and went up two pounds. Yes, other factors are at play, but that is a trend I can see occurring every other week. Poor sleep, my weight spikes.

2. I am not eating enough. I may feel fine, but averaging 700 calories per day before exercise is not cool. It’s probably another reason I’m stalling in progress.

3. Running has improved my yoga fitness. I was really surprised by this. I expected to be stiffer, but my form, control, and flexibility are all greatly improved.


4. Ice is my friend. I’ve always shied away from using ice after workouts, but it has done wonders keeping my legs, hips, and knees from feeling worse from the wear.  Honey-cat is very confused and frustrated by the “ice packs”. It’s the one time I am sitting still, and she is not happy about her butt being cold when she tries to take advantage of my stationary lap.

5. My overall active time is increasing every week. I’m up to about two hours a day, which seems about right since the further I get with the running, the less I can sit still. Seriously, sitting still for too long makes Mica go crazy.

6. I have a definite waist line now. I totally love that. (Sorry for the crap shot!)

photo (1)

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