too young to feel so old part 3

A lot of changes have happened in the month since I waxed pathetic in parts one and two.

I’ve mentioned that I’m kind of awesome since. You know, because I totally am.

My diet has changed, I started incorporating regular vigorous exercise, getting regular sleep, pushing my yoga practice deeper, and prioritized my life. It’s a balancing act that needs to be readjusted every few months.

Also, I’ve engaged my medical providers for help. After some drama about getting an appointment five months out, I pulled some heartstrings and have nearly completed the circuit. I’m getting a TENS unit to help take the edge off pain (and it won’t make me stupid like medication) and I’m taking classes once a week for 10 weeks. I hate the classes, but I’m going to stick with them in case there’s that one single gem that blows my mind.

I have experienced one major flareup since I began. My pain levels have been moderate, but since I am triggering endorphin rushes constantly throughout the day. I’m having a flareup right now, but I’m trying to buck up and deal. We will see how things go!

This is a lifelong commitment. There’s no treatment available to me beyond management, and–according to the doctors–I’m doing spectacularly in that regard. Yay me! Although, after my first group class, I thank the gods that other than my hyperactive nervous system I am in fantastic health.

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