July 22

[4hb] Week 4

I am awesome.

Week 4 was by far the EASIEST week as far as sticking to my crazy ass diet.

I should start tagging every post wherein I use the word “crazy”. But that would be all of them. Moving on….

The bad part is I’m really not getting an adequate number of calories per day. For the most part, I feel okay though, so I’m not fixating on calories. If I’m hungry, I eat. When I’m satisfied, I stop.

I had a performance on Saturday, so I made Sunday my binge day this week. Even though I cheated through most of Saturday. Yeah, Mountain Dew and Taco Bell aren’t allowable, but at least they were Fresco tacos! It helped tide me over between 3pm and midnight when I picked up my customary post-show cheeseburgers. Sunday, I was treated to Red Robin for brunch and my favorite Indian restaurant for dinner with my folks. Happy Mica!

Final weight for this week is 186. Down 14 pounds since I’ve started. See? I’m awesome. I did completely space measurements though. Whatevs. I’ll squee later.

This week I kicked up the exercise by introducing jogging, using the C25k. It feels totally amazing and isn’t killing my shins at all. I can’t wait to get back on the treadmill tonight.

Well here I am! Looking hawt!


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