[4hb] Week 2 Review

Sorry I fell off the map there for a bit. Week 2 was a bit of an emotional week for me. I couldn’t tell you why. I was just a cranky girl. Plus: holiday and four-day weekend.

Week 2 was also much harder than Week 1. Every day of the week, I broke the rules a little, especially at lunch time. I think the carb deficiency in Week 1 created a ketosis effect and contributed to the difficulties I experienced in Week 2.

Moving into Week 3, I have decided to add exercise into the mix. I did an experiment yesterday and found that exercising immediately upon waking maintains an overall good mood and a desire to be increasingly active throughout the day. Pain levels were minimal, also. I did cheat in the evening and ate a big burger from a fast food joint, but since it had been nearly three weeks since I had consumed a burger and my activity level was good throughout the day, I’m not beating myself up over indulging in the craving. Yes, I totally ate the bun.

Leading up to the holiday, I waffled whether or not I would indulge. On the day of, I decided to relax the rules and enjoy a day of eating and drinking what I wanted. I stayed hydrated and I did not overeat. I felt pretty good throughout the day although I got a bit achy in the afternoon. Some yoga in the pool in the evening worked out the kinks beautifully.

I have not been monitoring my weight loss at all so I don’t know if I’ve lost or gained, although I suspect I’m hovering at around 194.

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