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Throughout the week, I come across a handful of blog posts, articles, and stories that really move me. When it’s worthwhile, I am going to put together a post every Sunday to share a summary of inspiring blogs. Some times there will be one, sometimes 20.

Five Quotes to Make Your BS Detector Better – The Altucher Confidential

I really love this blog. Altucher has a unique and poetic way of writing that is in-your-face and inspiring. He discusses common quotes that are really just shields for something else. This week I was conversing with my bestie, discussing a product I used for years but haven’t replaced for over two years. When questioned about why I hadn’t replaced something I loved so much, I came up with one excuse on the fly, then another, then another as if something so simple needed solid justification. I stopped and finally admitted that it just wasn’t a priority for me when I had the extra money to spend.

Altucher calls us to think about our words and our reasons and why we choose to waste our energies on frivolous things.

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