[4hb] Day 5

I began the week weighing just ounces less than 200 pounds. That’s a lot of stones. I mean, a lot!

I craved a lot of sugary things.

I felt hungry a lot of the time.

When I did eat I stopped when I was full, but I couldn’t maintain a recommended calorie intake (although all my other macronutrients were spot-on).

I even kind of cheated. Once.

But after five days on the program, I lost seven pounds. That’s a half a stone!  The scale read 193 and I honestly couldn’t believe it.

With general caloric restriction, I’ve never lost a significant amount of weight, excepting when I did the so-called Sacred Heart fast, in which case that was a severely restrictive diet where I only consumed an average of 400 calories a day in mostly soup, fruit, and vegetables. (The duration lasted a week.)

I’ve committed to try this diet for at least two weeks. It’s not only about weight-loss for me (although that is certainly the most tangible unit of measurement in its effectiveness), but about pain management. If after two weeks I’m only losing weight, but I’m feeling like shit physically, then it’s not worth maintaining long-term.

Today, I get to eat whatever I want. Whatever. I. Want. First tea and breakfast with a girlfriend, then a lazy barbecue with amazing, totally off-limits food. And alcohol. Mmmmmm. Better get to it!

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