[4hb] Day 4

So I made it past the 3 day mark without any major meltdowns (nevermind that I had yogurt on day 2, it was totally required!). I wanted to provide an overall update on how I’m feeling so far. All these changes are neat and all, but if there’s no positive outcome what’s the point?

One quirk I forgot to mention from the outset, part of the 4 Hour Body is taking cold showers. Yeah. I thought I could never do it but thank the Gods I started this in Fresno’s summer season. On average, I take two showers a day: one in the morning before work and one in the evening either after a work out or whenever it feels right to fit one in. My morning shower I cannot handle being cold. I try to aim for cool, but if it’s too cold it hurts my sensitive nerves and pressure points too much. Yes I’ve tried adjusting to the temp over several minutes and it just doesn’t happen early in the morning. Come afternoon I do just fine, but keep the temperature warm if I’m shaving, washing my hair, or exfoliating (then turn it to cool for a couple minutes before getting out).

My moods have been very good this week overall. Some crankiness here and there, but that’s normal. I have felt very high spirited and motivated all week. Having said that, full disclosure I have been taking 1 mg of trazodone (a mood elevator) as a sleep aid since Monday since flareups were interrupting my sleep dramatically. Tonight is the last time I will take it for now. I just wanted to make it through the rest of the work week without incident.

I am always in some sort of pain, but it’s been fairly manageable (read: ignored). I’m using Focus Booster at work in 55 min focus/5 min stretch intervals. Making the time to stretch and move every few minutes helps me feel more alert and the joints more fluid throughout the day.

I’ve had little to no issues with gas during the day, which sucks when you’re bloated and stuck in an office chair for most of your waking life. My energy levels seem to be very good.

As for sleep, well I’m cheating here, as I mentioned earlier. First report from my Jawbone UP states that I’m snoozing for an hour and a half because I’m not actually waking up, although I am in a very light sleep pattern.

Look at all that deep sleep!

I’m still having a tough time with breakfast. I’m averaging two hours after I wake rather than one hour, but I’m not sick of my egg whites yet. I’ll need to find something different for lunch next week, or a different chili recipe with turkey.

Dinners have been ridiculously satisfying. I’m loving this challenge! And we’ve only been using things around the house (although we did need an extra shopping trip on Tuesday for jalapenos and romaine).

I’m still having the terrible cravings for sodas. I think I’m going to buy myself a few Vanilla Cokes on Friday so I can splurge Saturday.

Oh, and my skin is kind of doing some weird thing. I haven’t had any breakouts–major plus–but my skin tone has looked abnormal. With an olive complexion I sport, there’s usually a healthy shine. This week, my skin feels a bit on the dry side and the complexion seems a little splotchy. Pale, almost, in some places. While smooth, it’s missing that healthy glow.

As of this morning, I’ve lost five pounds since Monday! That probably has more to do with the calorie reduction, but we’ll see how things progress. I expect a little bounce back after Saturday’s planned cheat day.

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