[4hb] Day Two and Day Three

Yesterday and today were pretty much identical, but I’m sticking to the plan.

Breakfast has been hard to get in the first hour I’m awake. I tend to wake up at 4am, snooze unwittingly until 5am to 530am, drink coffee, shower, dress, then OMFG I FORGOT BREAKFAST. Yeah, that’s pretty much how the last two mornings have gone. This morning I remembered before I showered, so I ran downstairs and nuked it for two minutes and ran back up to get ready for the day. When I came back down over 30 minutes later, it was still hot. Awesome!

I have a feeling breakfast it going to continue to be a struggle for me, but the fact that I’m remembering it at all is a huge deal.

Dinner last night consisted of the spiciest fish tacos I have ever eaten. We didn’t have the ancho chili powder and used chipotle instead which is probably where the problem occurred. I ended up cheating and eating a Greek Yogurt immediately after dinner to cool the burn.

Dinner today was a tuna salad that consisted of a whole can of light tuna in water, a whole avocado (mashed), a bit of sea salt and a bit of lime juice. I planned on spooning it onto cucumber rounds, but the cucumbers I had were no longer good. It was tasty all the same.

At least I remembered to take a picture of it this time before I ate the last bite!

The last two days I have been craving sweets and fried foods like no other.  I can’t tell you what I would do for a good, old-fashioned Coca Cola right now. Or a frozen yogurt. Or an Oreo shake. A cheeseburger. French fries. I’m pathetic.

It doesn’t help at all that I’ve been way low on my calories every single day. Mostly it doesn’t effect me until around 7pm and then I just have to wait until sleep takes me. Today it hit me immediately after lunch as a soda craving. Because it’s okay on the diet, I’ve been treating myself to a glass of red wine the last two nights, and it certainly has taken the edge off.

In other, slightly related news, my UP by Jawbone arrived after I got home from work! It’s supposed to measure your activity and sleep patterns without the monthly service fee (but it costs a bit more up front to the tune of $129.99, but I purchased mine gently used for less than half the full retail price). I feel like I’m pretty honest about my food tracking, but I have no ideas on the activity. And the sleep! OMG, just for those stats, this thing is worth the price of admission!

I love you, Jawbone UP

I’m really excited about this. Yay, toys! I can’t wait to collect data, and OMG I am such a nerd!

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