Recipe Review: Indian Rice Pudding

indian rice pudding

Here’s the recipe from

I love rice pudding. It’s one of the few sweet treats I will always say yes to. Whenever my friends and I dine at our favorite Indian restaurant (you can read my review on their website, top review in the right column) we frequently receive gulab jamun (a doughnut hole in a light rose water and sugar syrup) as part of our meal, but I always ask for the rice pudding.

For the last week, I’ve been wanting rice pudding to satisfy my sweet tooth, but there’s been nothing in the house of that ilk. So yesterday I picked up the requisite whole milk and got to cooking up some yumminess.

I didn’t take pictures of the process or the end result. I’m so sorry for this, but future reviews will have more pics.

It takes about an hour to make and you have to babysit the pudding during the process or you’ll burn the milk and no one likes burnt milk.

I used a teaspoon of vanilla extract AND rose water in my recipe because I love both.

The end result was something a bit too sweet for my liking. The cardamom flavor is delightful and full-bodied. I did sample a bit of it before adding the sugar, rose water, and vanilla and the flavor was still too plain. Next time I make this recipe (and I definitely will), I’ll use only a quarter cup of sugar instead of a half cup. The sweet makes it, but maybe I can tone it down a bit.

Another substitution I may try is vanilla, sweetened almond milk in lieu of the whole milk and add a cup of rose water and subtract a cup of milk.

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