the quiet

quiet sunset
quiet sunset

Today I took my morning walk alone while my walking buddy was tied up on a support call. I love her company and our chatty time, but I was looking forward to taking advantage of the space and practicing walking meditation.

I started my walk, extending my senses out past the customary tunnel they tend to occupy while I walk with company. The chill of the air in my nose and throat from the cool western breeze, the vibrant green of the grass and plants in the area, the quiet rustling of leaves, moving vehicles, and planes ascending from the nearby airport.

Quickly thereafter my mind preoccupied itself with a home project I want to take on over the holiday weekend. A yarn wall: a combination of storage and art, hidden behind a bedroom door yet beautiful when visible (and, yes, there will be pictures of the before, during, and after…when I get to it). From there I considered other projects: scanning and shredding old paper files; moving book cases to the front/sitting room; painting a bathroom; installing space savers; getting a real table for the dining room so I can take back my craft table; buying picture frames and finally putting up some cherished images….

And then I was nearly back to where I had started. So much for meditation and extending awareness.

I mentally paused and re-envisioned my route, forcing myself to recall the details of all that I had passed. The chilling, whispering wind; the large woman talking loudly about her sister Latoya on her hands-free device in the middle of an abandoned lot; and again the rumbling of the planes flying overhead. But no cars. Not one single car. Not even as I walked along a major street for a quarter of my journey.

I looked up at that street as I walked closer to my office complex. I could see a car driving through the intersection parallel to me, but I could barely hear it, as if the wind was a more dense thing that muddled the vibration between objects.

The sensation, overall, was just bizarre and confusing, especially considering that not long ago I could not go on a walk without one to three cars pulling over to ask me how to find Comcast’s offices. Sheesh. But not one single car?

I don’t have any sense of it’s significance, if any. But I keep thinking, oh, I’ll write that down later and never do. So here I am.

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