Yoga and Driving

As I left yoga class this evening, I noticed a change in my driving style.  I was more relaxed.  I was more aware.

My shoulders weren’t rolled forward, and my hands didn’t have a death grip on the wheel.  The ride just seemed to flow.  Turns were smoother.  Stopping came easier.  Moving was a breeze.

In yoga practice, we strive to bring more awareness to our bodies.  We bring our minds into those tight places that need extra love and attention, bringing space into our bodies where space did not exist moments before.  We breathe into and out of each pose, blending each action with a natural flow.  Through our breathing, we bring more oxygen into the blood, extend and contract muscles and tendons.

During yoga, we bring mindfulness to the present.

Ideally, we should be bringing that mindfulness from the mat and into our daily lives.  Adding an easy five minutes of yoga every day can help you cultivate that practice of personal mindfulness in your life outside the studio.

What do you notice most post-practice?

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