First Class, Huge Success!

I would like to thank everyone who attended my first class last Saturday!  I can’t believe I was so nervous leading up to it.  Once everyone settled in, I relaxed and had an amazing time.  So far, everyone has said positive things about their experiences.

So far, everyone has signed up for next week and several others have expressed an interest.  So many in fact that I’m freaking out about space.  I’m scrambling for alternate locations to begin on the 16th.  I made a promise to myself that I would limit myself to one class per week for July and increase that depending on interest in August.  I might add an 11am class on the 16th to spread out the students.

I’m so thrilled.  I feel good about it and I’m looking forward to growing.  I’m looking forward to getting back into class and certification.  (I did find a local studio that specializes in Iyengar which I will be pursuing shortly.)

So far I’ve presented a Restorative Series.  I’m currently working on a Core Series that is focused on building core strength.  I’m also experimenting on my boyfriend’s son to develop a Children’s Yoga Series (by request) that will incorporate some simple acrobatic exercises and focus on animal shapes.  I think these would be good as a “picnic in the park” with families to encourage some free play time in between.

I plan to also share some wisdom on yoga, postures, meditation, Ayurveda, simple living, and the like on this blog in the future.  For now, I want to focus on getting into a rhythm with my newfound adventure.

With love,


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